logo for communtiy theater company Change the Channel Productions

Our Vision

CTC strives to build one of the region’s favorite local theaters by creating an artistic environment that celebrates our shared experience and humanity, while bringing to life theatrical experiences that ignite passion in our collective souls.

Our Story

Change the Channel Productions is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit theater company dedicated to the creation of progressive theatrical experiences that stimulate the imagination and facilitate an emotional transformation through the shared experience between artist and audience.

Meet the Team

We are a collective of diverse, community-oriented professionals. Our primary goal is to bring together members of our local community and region through the collaborative art of theater production. We aim to foster moments of discovery, revelation, wonder, exuberance, empathy, catharsis, and joy, thereby coming to know and understand each other more fully. We recognize, value, and seek to amplify the wealth of talents found within our local and regional population.

David Boyd

Producing Artistic Director

Anthony Byrnes

Managing Director

Ted Ellet

Marketing/Social Media

Greg Gilchrist

Visual Creative Producer

Members of Change the Channel Production, including David Boyd, Laura Kayser, Anthony Byrnes, Brent Quam, David Young, Ted Ellet, Greg Gilchrist

Laura Kayser

Marketing/Social Media

Brent Quam

Associate Artistic Producer

David Young

Creative Consultant, Copy Editor

Board of Directors

Carlos Borrego

Maryella Gockel

Cindi Crane

Geoffrey Ross

Marlene West